Plumbers and heating engineers could play an important role in the fight against fuel poverty

New guidelines from the National Institute for Health Care Excellence (NICE) have suggested that plumbers and heating engineers could play an important role in the fight against fuel poverty. They propose that when plumbers or heating engineers visit a cold property, they should provide an assessment of the heating needs of that property, and give advice on the effect living in such an environment can have on the health of the occupants.

NICE also suggest that, as long as they have the permission of the homeowner, they should be able to refer those people they consider to be at risk of developing health problems. Of course, to be effective, these tradesmen would need some form of specialist training to give them the information and tools they need to enable them to identify those individuals who may be at risk, and that this would result in some form of recognised accreditation.

Living in homes with inadequate heating can have a considerable impact on health, and for those people who suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions and respiratory illnesses like asthma, this can have serious repercussions, with sufferers becoming more prone to developing hypothermia. Large numbers of UK homes still have old heating systems which are not only inefficient, but which are also expensive to run, and it's thought that if plumbers and heating engineers are able to offer support and advice in regard to adopting measures to rectify these issues, they'll not just be able to make homes warmer and improve living conditions, they will have a positive impact on the health of the occupants too.

While the winter may be drawing to a close, it still makes sense to have your heating system assessed, and if you're considering installing a new and more efficient replacement boiler Ealing heating engineers and plumbers in Hounslow are more than happy to give you the benefit of their advice.

UK Worker of 2014 Won by a Plumber

The UK Worker of the Year annual event was held in Brands Hatch when 34 year old Chris Teale was victorious in the 2014 final. No doubt many plumbers in London were inspired to see a fellow engineer getting recognition for his work.

An initial judging day was held during September where Chris managed to impress all the judges and earn his place in the finals. The competition title was fierce as Chris went head to head with six other worthy contestants. The competition itself was sponsored and organised by Dickies work-wear, the simply objective was to identify and reward the very best of Britain’s workers.

As for the prize, the triumphant Chris had choice of three exciting options. Up for grabs was a newQuad bike, motorbike or car provided by Suzuki. During the closing ceremony in the Thistle Hotel Chris chose to take home the brand new Suzuki car.

Chris said, “I’m totally thrilled to win the 2014 UK Worker of the Year award. Even now it still doesn’t feel like it’s really happening to me. It’s been a great competition so many thanks to Suzuki and Dickies. When I entered the contest I never imagined reaching the final, let alone winning it. The moment they mentioned I had won I felt totallyoverwhelmed.”

In addition to the fantastic prizes, winners of the competition gained a chance to win£100,000 cash. If the results for the first British Superbike event was guessed correctly Dickies would reward them with the huge cash prize. Although Chris didn’t win he came quite close, his chosen six riders wereincluded in the top seven riders at the finish.

Chris has been carefully building HITGAS, his plumbing and heating business for the past two years. He has successfullycultivated 1,000 customers and remains on call for 24 hours each day. His impressive portfolio was one of the deciding factors which lead to his triumph in the competition. Plumbers in Hounslow wish to congratulate Chris on his achievement and are proud for all the hard work and dedicationhe has shown in bringing our industry in to the national spotlight.

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Helps Households save Money

The governments recently announced Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is making up to £7,600 cash available to householders who install energy saving measures to their homes. From the beginning of June the government has raised the amount of funding given to households in an attempt to boost domestic energy saving. The deal is open to owner-occupiers, those renting privately and those in social housing. Both private and social landlords are also eligible.

Energy saving measures that are covered by the deal includes cavity wall and solid wall insulation, double and triple glazing, fan-assisted storage heaters and condensing a mains gas heater. Floor insulation, replacement doors, and flat roof insulation are also included and there are special benefits for those who have recently moved into their property or who have had a Green survey carried out in the last two years. The Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, explains: “Faulty boilers, draughty windows and insufficient insulation all cause properties to leak hundreds of pounds every year, but advice and support through the Green Deal can help put a stop to this.” Until now, the deal hasn’t been overly successful but the government are hoping that the re-vamped and more generous offering will build popularity and, ultimately help the country in its quest to reduce energy consumption.

The fund is making £120 million available to spend on energy saving measures, an amount that some are hailing as inadequate and potentially misspent. “Extra money on making homes more efficient is long over-due” explains Sophie Neuberg from Friends of the Earth, “but an extra £120m is a paltry sum given the scale of the problem, and should be targeted at the poor– not those who can afford the upfront costs. These new incentives won’t make up for the swinging cuts to the Energy Company Obligation, which will lead to far fewer homes being insulated over the next year.” The benefits of installing energy saving measures are many fold. The reduction of the amount of energy used and wasted, not only means that we are consuming less energy, but that households will be paying less on their energy bills. By having a well insulated house, not only does it stay warmer for longer in the winter, it will also stay cooler for longer in the summer.

To qualify for the Green Deal cash back scheme, an assessment must be carried out by a qualified Green Deal installer who will then recommend the most suitable measures for the property. This price of this assessment can also be refunded under the scheme. A good plumber is vital in order to have an efficient and reliable heating system. Boilers can be replaced to provide a better system all-round; both reducing energy wastage and making homes safer by cutting the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. BC Plumbing can provide competitive quotes for replacement boilers in Brentford and replacement boilers in Ealing. They are also available for all other plumbing and heating services in West London.

Power Flushing News

Kamco offer the CLEARFLOW power flushing process and it is a versatile, easy to use and highly effective method of flushing heating systems it can be purged all systems of sludge, scale and corrosion deposits with minimal dismantling and disruption. One of our engineers will connect the CLEARFLOW power flushing pump to the heating system, either across standard circulator pump couplings, across the tails of one radiator, or wherever most practicable. The powerful flow, combined with instantaneous flow reverser device, will dislodge and mobilise deposits and corrosion which resist traditional system cleaning methods. Once the corrosion and sludge deposits have been loosened and mobilised, fresh clean water is forced through the heating system, pushing the contaminated water out through a full bore dump valve to a waste pipe and each of the radiators are individually flushed, without removing or disconnecting them from the system, by directing the full output of the pump through each radiator separately. We can arrange a quotation to have your system cleaned with the Kamco Clearflow system, call us today.


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